Where’s the Bones?

June 30, 2015

We often are asked why we don’t serve quarter chickens, half chickens or whole chickens bones and all. Granted it can be a better value if you’re an all star bone scrapper and are able to get every bit of meat off the bone. All of this is assuming you’ve found a comparable all-natural hormone/steroid free vegetarian fed chicken.

Instead we’ve decided to provide a no bone gnawing, teeth picking, napkin wiping good time for our fast-casual experience. This has allowed us to take what we think is the tastiest and juiciest part of the chicken; lather it up with some Rude Boy marinade, grill it to perfection, and serve it juices and all with some Hard Dough Bread.

If you’re still looking for the bones we occasionally offer our Top Rankin Jerk. Wings which will have you smacking your lips for more.